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Enhance Each Day with Kailua Balsam Body Wash!

A morning shower awakens like the sun peaking over the eastern horizon. Each day presenting new opportunities, how will you approach your daily existence? Will you take on each day with strength and vigor? Or, will you surrender to a less than optimal day? Here at Kailua we strive to enhance your morning shower experience, sparking the start to an incredible life. Our body wash is filled with all natural ingredients, energizing your mind and cleansing your body. The time has arrived, lather your morning in excellence.

Kailua is a brand designed with three intentions in mind:

1. Spark the Perfect Start to Each Day. Every day is a royal spa with the Kailua Balsam Body Wash. We combine the essentials oils cardamon, fir balsam, lemon and rosemary into a fresh, earthy and mentally clearing experience. Walk with confidence, feel bold and sophisticated, take on each day feeling unstoppable. This irresistible Kailua Balsam Body Wash will have you smiling and smelling your brightest and freshest each and every day.

2. Respect the Environment. Kailua uses all aluminum and glass bottles to promote sustainability within our surrounding world. Unlike plastic which, if recycled, deteriorates with each reprocessing, aluminum and glass can be renewed over and over without degrading. You, the consumer, should not have to choose between high quality beauty products and our beautiful surrounding world. Join our effort to simultaneously enhance our skin and environment into happy, healthy, and harmoniously thriving organisms.

3. Create Products Filled by Natural Ingredients that Your Body will Adorn and Crave. With our signature natural Balsam fragrance and luxurious texture, this is the body wash your skin truly desires. It goes on soft and rinses completely. leaving your skin feeling clean without drying. Lather in silky smoothness, inhale an aroma elevating your mind and body to happy and nourished states. Step out of the shower with confidence ready to take on the day!

Join the movement, be remembered for caring, for loving, for living and striving like today is filled with incredible opportunities. Allow the Kailua Balsam Body Wash to be the start to every successful day.

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